Artists Speak

A collection of texts, interviews, designs, sketches, photos etc. made by different artistic profiles involved in the performance, which documents the experience of the artists during the work in progress creation of the performance and performing.

Theaterlabor Bielefeld 

Indira Heidemann

What is the Alexander technique? It is the study of the connection between thinking and moving. Every movement, even sitting, is what I consider movement, because it is an activity. Most of the thoughts regarding our movements, we put into a box that we do not open. I don’t have to think about my sitting right now. To be honest with you, I’m thinking about my sitting all the time. I want to know what is going on. If we say studying the connection between thinking and moving, thinking always goes first. The Alexander technique is a lot about not doing.

Grotowski institute

Mertcan Semerci

We create images through the songs. We enter the space and we are doing improvisations. In that moment everybody is using their own lines of how to approach the material, how to create the material, and then we gather altogether, we sing again and we show the images. We try to understand how to create expression and image through singing. We work with images.

plavo Theatre

Dejan Stojkovic

How to be lucid, ecstatic, extra-ordinary – we consider this a know-how. I can have sequences of actions on the stage which are not ordinary. But if my mind is ordinary, this doesn’t count. Because if my body is not ordinary, but my mind is ordinary, it’s boring. So, first of all my mind has to be not ordinary and the body will follow.