Theaterlabor Bielefeld


The Theaterlabor Bielefeld

Is an ensemble-based, independent theater that stands for experimental, expressive and cross-border theater. Our productions represent a wide range of aesthetics, formats and topics and range from solo performances to research projects in digital space to ensemble productions. Our productions are created through self-commission. Our goal is contact. Our target group is people. Our venue is the TOR 6 Theaterhaus in downtown Bielefeld.

The production hall on the factory premises of the former sewing machine manufacturer Dürkopp is the location of our own productions, project work and our pedagogy. In addition, we open our house to local, regional and national actors in art and culture. Our goal is to make the Theaterhaus a diverse, lively place where people can have meaningful, sustainable experiences through art and culture, exchange and encounters.

LIn its almost 40-year history, the theater laboratory has repeatedly realized groundbreaking productions, festivals and projects and thus changed the (theatre) world. Today, theater professionals from the founding generation work in the theater laboratory on an equal basis with members of the second, third and, in the future, fourth generation. Our challenge to ourselves is to translate and practice the laboratory and the values ​​behind it into a constantly changing today.

The idea of ​​the Theaterlabor as a living and working space

We stand in the tradition of the theater laboratories that were initiated by Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba and our founder Siegmar Schröder, both in terms of the “experimental” approach to theatrical forms of expression, as well as in questions of the individual development of everyone involved in the context of the collective .

Our theater language

Our theater work is based on continuous development. We challenge ourselves to develop our own theatrical language for every production, for every project, for every educational work, which is conveyed in our aesthetic and formal means of expression; our topics arise through self-commission. Body, voice, text, narrative, visual design, music and technology

stand as equal dimensions of theater and are shaped and related to one another in the process of work. Each of these areas is the subject of ongoing research for us. We are always looking for new suggestions and impulses for our research. We actively seek exchange and encounters with theater professionals and artists of all backgrounds.

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